Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A reconnaissance postponed

I wanted to check out Craft World (aka Yee Button House) in SS2 this week but have to shelf the idea for the meantime as both my kids are not well. Danial is down with flu and ear infection whereas Arwen has HFMD (read more in my other blog, My Family My Heaven under Flu, Fever, Ear Infection and HFMD post).

I went earlier on last Saturday, after the kenduri, hoping that it's open, only to be disappointed... Never mind, at least there's something I can look forward to when Arwen and Danial are better.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arwen's quilt - better pics

What's on my needle

When I take Danial to the playground, I grab my bag of yarn and needles so I can kill time doing a few rows while keeping an eye on Danial. I can't remember what's the name of the pattern. I look it up in Simply Knitting magazine. I don't know what to make of it yet. Could be the back of a girl's bolero. If it is, I know exactly the lucky girl who's celebrating her birthday this coming Valentine's day. I just don't know if I can get it done in time...

Dressing up my files

I've to close my 2008-2009 files and open new ones for 2010. As usual, being frugal, I recycle the old files Azrai brought back from the office. It's so dull that I decided to dress it. I didn't want to wrap it with paper gift wrap so I took up my stash of 'I don't know what to do with this' fabrics and did a prototype.

The inside view

Mama's shrug

I liked the idea of knitting in the round so much after making a baby shrug for Isabel that I decided to adapt the idea into making grown up shrug for myself. It's totally seamless!!! I was very generous with the armholes and sleeves. I knitted the shrug with Austermann Bambou Soft yarn and my trusty wood interchangeable needles.

I love my Interchangeable Circular Needles

I ordered my set from sometime last November and simply love knitting with it. I love knitting in the round as I hate doing seams. I even knit flats with circular needles. It's such a clever invention. You don't need dpns anymore.

Harmony Wood Starter Set
Set includes symfonie wood needle tips in sizes 4.00, 5.00, & 6.00 mm, cables one each of 60, 80 & 120 cm lengths, clear top opening vinyl pouch with three needle pockets on one side to hold the tips, single pocket on other side, six end caps, cable keys, set of needle size ID tags and one needle gauge ruler with stitch viewer.  Final cable length is achieved when both needle tips and cables are joined together.
This needle set is sold under the brand name of Knit Pro Symfonie outside the US and is exactly the same as sold in the US by Knit Picks.

My opened set.

4mm needle tip.

4mm needle tip connected to 60cm cable.

End cap with cable keys.

Interested to get your own interchangeable needles? Email me :)

Some of my earlier works

If you're an Epal VIP, you'd notice some of the projects here:

This is my first handbag project from Epal. I gave this bag to my mother in law.

Second handbag project. Gave this to my mom. I even had enough left over for a toaster cover which I gave to my aunty. No picture of that but I used the flower pattern on this bag.

This kit comes with the introduction kit from Epal which I didn't start until much much later as i was more excited to get the more interesting monthly projects. So, I learned to do the harder stuff before doing the basic patchwork. This one, I keep for myself.

When Danial started year 3 at Generasi preschool, he has to wear baju melayu every friday. So, I decided to try make his baju melayu with cotton fabric and teluk belanga collar. It's like making baju kurung but shorter and with pants.

I was really into sewing when I was pregnant with Arwen. I somehow knew I was getting a girl. This is another handbag project which I did mostly at home following the instructions as I was too lazy to drive to Puchong to attend the class. It turned out OK. I took this picture with my handphone while waiting at the gynae's clinic for my follow up appointments.

When I got better in the 2nd trimester, this quilt project came out. I got it and took my time hand-stitching the alphabets. Turned out so much nicer than if it's machined stitched. I know, the picture is lousy. I'll take another picture, hopefully better and post it later. It's supposed to be a wall mount but I turned it into Arwen's baby quilt. Now that she can sit quite steadily, I'll gather her toys and let her play on the quilt.

I wanted to use one of the foot that I bought to make the crazy quilt. Love the freedom of crazy quilt. This is on my coffee table.

I just have extra material that i don't know what to do with and a creative rush that I just had to dress the dustbin!

Not only did I dress the dustbin, I made toilet roll caddy too. I don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing... :)

When I wasn't comfortable sitting behind my sewing machine anymore, I picked up knitting. I started with a 4 coloured baby blanket as I learned to knit and it's made of garter stitch. Then, my sifu say I can go on to make something for the baby if I wanted to. So this is my 2nd knitting project. Arwen is still too small for this. I was so huge, even the doctor didn't expect my baby to be small.

I am still organizing my photos and when I dig up more of my work, I'll post them up.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Would knit for money

It's a shout out to all out there in cyberspace, if you need a help with knitting for Christmas, or birthdays or anything at all, I'm putting my skills and interest out there to knit for a commission. It's the first time for me so we can always discuss the terms and conditions before you engage me to do any knitting assignment like choices of yarn, patterns, sizes, delivery, etc. I don't have a big stash so I do have to order yarns if I do get an assignment/project. I prefer to use natural fiber yarn like wool, cotton, bamboo, or a blend of those compared to acrylic so it would cost a bit. Unless you've got hold of some lovely yarn that you want me to use, by all means send them to me and I'd just charge for workmanship.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A playground shirt for Dedek

Dedek's birthday present I knitted a couple of weeks ago. pattern from knitting adventures and I took the creative license to tweak it a bit. I used Online Candy cotton yarn. Fun to knit with. I hope Dedek gets a lot of wear from it.