Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 in retrospective part 1

As 2012 is coming to the end, I'm doing a review of what the year was for me. My first target for the year as far as my crafts were concerned was to do 12 bazaars this year; an average of one bazaar per month. It was really easier said than done. Being a procrastinator extraordinaire, having my booth well stocked up is a real challenge. 

My utmost gratitude to Azzah of SewFabby for letting me in this joyride with her. She's a proper bazaar hunter. She did more bazaars than I and a real working machine when it comes to stocking up her wares for the bazaar. I couldn't keep up with her. All in all, we're together in 5 of the 12 bazaars that I took part in this year. Thank you Azzah for being a good sport, a great bazaar partner and a real friend I can count on. I can never repay the kindness that you've shown to me. May you grow and prosper in the years to come, dear friend.

So what's in store for 2013... maybe less bazaar, one bazaar in 3 months, 4 bazaar for 2013. That would give me time to stock up and keep my online business in equilibrium. I must admit my online orders suffered as I have to decline taking orders so I can spend more time preparing my stock. I'll be focussing on my online shop. 

How was your 2012? 

Monday, December 10, 2012

Arwen's Polkadot Tiered Dress

Last Saturday, we're supposed to attend Danial and Arwen's aunt's engagement. The theme was turqoise. Unfortunately, both my kids were down with coughs and flu. Arwen was running a mild fever even. Therefore, only Azrai went to represent the rest of the family.

Staying cooped up at home doesn't stop my little diva to dress up. Any little girl loves dressing up. I took her to the nearby park for a quick photo shoot session. You can never tell that she is having a fever from the pictures can you?

We forgot to take the shrug along when we were at the park so I took some last minute pictures using our front door as the back drop. I made the shrug a few weeks earlier. A simple lace pattern that I took from one of the magazines. I used Knitpick's Worsted cotton yarn in Sky and used up 3 balls of yarn.

Arwen simply loves her dress. Makes her feel so grown up. There'll be more full length dress for Arwen in the near future...

Monday, December 3, 2012

We have a WINNER!!!!!

Congratulations Aiza Azril! You are the winner of my Birthday 2012 Giveaway! 

For the rest, thank you for your participation. You guys are the greatest!