Saturday, March 5, 2011

Handbag Organizer ver 1.0 with Amy Butler’s Lotus Pond in Ivory

 Today, my girlfriends and I are going to celebrate Siti Hajjar Abdul Kader’s birthday. She’s the owner of Smokin’ Salma in Solaris Dutamas. She’s very much into handbags and everytime we go out on a girls’ date, she never wears the same handbag (unlike me, I’d go out with a diaper bag even when Arwen is not with me). I’ve seen hear wearing Cartier, Channel, Bottega and Dior. I’m sure she has more designer handbag in her collection. So, for her birthday, I made her a handbag organizer to make it convenient for her to change handbags.

I used my precious stash of Amy Butler’s Lotus Pond in Ivory and mixed it with green and grey linen. I’ve used this combination before for my lumbar pillows at home and liked it very much. It does look luxurious and can match the posh handbags in Hajjar’s collection. 

All the panels are lined with light interface and it could actually stand on it’s own. I’m very pleased with the result. It has in total of 13 pockets inside and outside. 

On the front outer panel; 4 pen/lipstick/mascara slot, one slim pocket. 
On the back outer panel; 2 slim pockets to fit handphone, handsfree set, notebook.
On both side panels: side pockets with elastic opening to keep sanitary gel bottle, keys, sunglasses
On the inside: 4 bellow pockets and a large compartment to keep purse, small organizer.

This handbag organizer measures approximately 8” (W) x 6”(H) x 3”(D). I think this should do to fit average medium size handbags. 

This isn’t my original design. As usual, I googled and viewed several handbag organizers in the web and put all the features that I like together to make this. Oh, and by the way, it’s reversible too so you can have two different looks from the same bag. Me and my never ending fascination to anything and everything reversible.

I have to go sort out my sewing room right now and find a bag to keep this present for Hajjar and give it to her later. I’m so looking forward for a fun girls’ day out today :)


  1. brillliant idea :) very cantik

  2. Thanks Pah. Sendiri punye tak terbuat lagi... :)

  3. Rozi... cantikkkk sangat... match calor pun cool aje tapi cantikkkk... saya suke..

  4. kak rozi... very good idea for those yg banyak handbag and suka tukar2 beg. I also found few design on the net.
    just a sincere comment, I think the strap is a bit panjang. kalau pendek skit, just nice utk angkat organiser tuh, would be better.

  5. TQ SCLover and Bea...

    Thanks for the comment Mila. Next one, boleh buat pendek.

  6. It's really pretty. I love the colours and the pockets. Well done Rozi.

  7. Thanks Kim. Love ur baby bump;-)

  8. Hi... just google handbag organiser and terjumpa ur blog... this is perfect... wish I could have one too...

  9. oh my gosh i've been looking all over for a pattern like this! would you happen to be willing to share the tutorial? :(

  10. Cantik ... masa blogwalking terjumpa blog ni.. Nanti bila2 nak order satu.

  11. The patterns and design of this handbag organizer will surely provide the owner much convenience as this saves her the hassle from rummaging all through her bag just to get what she needs.

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