Saturday, July 31, 2010

More on Arwen’s peasant dress

A picture’s worth a thousand words... so I let these pictures do the talking :)
Arwen’s new facination, the stairs at Nenek’s house
Doing the beauty queen wave on the stairs
The stare
I did it!

Arwen’s Peasant Dress

Yeay! I managed to take this off my ‘To sew list’. I’ve been meaning to do thing after I saw the tutorial by Maya. It’s just that today I have a reason. Tomorrow we have a wedding reception to attend and I wanted to take my daughter in something that I made. I only have a few hours so the peasant dress just fits the time frame.

It’s my first girl’s dress with designer cotton. It’s All My Heart by Robert Kaufman which I recently bought from Etsy. I found a matching green fat quarter, just enough for the contrast on the sleeves and bottom frills. It’s by Moda.

Other than finding the width of the frill is a little narrow (I made it 3” wide, it should never be less than 4”), I’m happy with how it turned out. But then again, it’s all I can spare with a fat quarter.

Will see if I can snap some pictures with Arwen in it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Temporary handling centre and my new sewing corner

Goods bubble-wrapped and packed. Went to POSLAJU to get the plastic envelopes but they’ve run out. Good thing I went in advance, otherwise, I have to take all these goods back and repack them.

My scale. Just to show you that I didn’t just pluck the figures from the sky

Yes, I did go to IKEA for my out-of-town fellow crafters and a local crafter who couldn’t find time to go to IKEA. After the shopping frenzy, it’s time to sort the goods out and pack and weigh them up for courier estimates. I feel like a part-time worker at the post office, hahahah... but had fun doing this. Semoga dapat pahala tolong kengkawan...Amin...

Being in IKEA, my favorite place to be, I get to day-dream (berangan is a much better word) about my dream sewing room... *sigh* I wanted to get another table because I’ve been cutting fabric on the floor and it’s not kind to my back. When I got home, I express my intention to hubby dearest. He said he has a table at the office he’s not using. So, nevermind, I can live with recycle office furniture. So, yesterday he brought the table home and set it up. It happened to be a corner table. Haiyah! Beggers can’t be choosers... so, I have lemons, I make lemonade. For the time being, I’m just happy I have a table to cut on :)

My humble new sewing corner. 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Designer Bibs and CD toter

I had a request to make designer bibs. How much fun is that? Here’s the inspiration:

And here’s my version from my Freebird collection:

Leaves in Melon
Balls in Ivory

Ovals in Melon

Butterflies in Melon

Eggs in Melon
Note: The snaps were added after the photos were taken.

And my first toter in designer fabric. How delicious is this?
CD toter in Dandy Damask

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

IKEA and Craftworld anyone?

OK, this is a second shout-out to out-of-Klang-Valley crafters/bloggers who wishes to get stuff from IKEA. Please refer to my earlier shout-out here. I have two confirmed shoppers and need three more to give me a good reason to go to IKEA. Since usually I will make a detour to Craftworld, I’m extending the service there too. Just that they don’t have a website and you can’t really know what to order if you don’t know what’s available there. Then again, just let me know what you’re looking for and if I can find it at Craftworld, I’ll let you know. Unfortunately, they have a strict rule against taking photographs so there’s nothing for me to show and tell.

Deadline is tomorrow folks by 6pm. I will email my account number to the serious ones after 6 for the transfer of funds.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Personal Shopper Service

I received an email from a fellow blogger/crafter requesting my help to buy her some stuff from IKEA. IKEA is on sale from 8 July - 1 August 2010. This crafter is from out of town. I wouldn’t call Putrajaya and Damansara Utama as ‘kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya’ but it’s still is within driving distance for me.

So, I’m having a shout out to all out-of-Klang Valley crafters out there if you wish for me to get you some stuff from IKEA. I think one of the runaway best-seller is the pinking shears. It’s really, really affordable at RM25.00.

IKEA Pinking shears @ RM25 per unit

OK, here’s the deal. I can make arrangements to go to IKEA this Wednesday, 28 July 2010 PROVIDED that

  1. I have a minimum of 5 crafters with their orders.
  2. For a minimum purchase of RM5.00 to RM50.00, I’ll charge RM5.00 as my service fee (that will help subsidize my fuel, tol and parking ticket). For the RM50.00 band, another RM5 fee applies. Example:
    • Your total purchase is RM80.00, my service fees is RM10.00 
  3. If my fees are agreeable to you, 
    1. you can choose your items at IKEA catalogue 
    2. PLEASE choose items that I can send through POSLAJU
    3. email me your items listing together with the quantity and prices with the total amount (please do your maths, I don’t trust my own maths)
    4. I will email you my Maybank account number for you to transfer your shopping money to me IN FULL(you don’t expect me to use MY money do you?) latest by Tuesday midnight.
  4. If any of your item/s is out of stock, I will refund your money
  5. Upon successful purchases made, I will then email you the estimate postal charges (POSLAJU) which depends on the total weight of your purchase 
  6. I will send out your goods upon receiving the postal fees and my services fees.
Sounds simple enough? For further enquiries, please email/leave a comment.

I will call off/cancel this service if I don’t get my minimum number or crafters and their orders. So, ladies and gentlemen, you have the weekend and up to tuesday to browse IKEA online catalogue. Happy shopping.

A call from Citibank

I went shopping again... That’s why I got a call from Citibank. They want me to verify my purchases heheheh...

What did I buy? Fabrics of course... But that has to wait till it actually arrived.

The other one is patterns... Bought patterns for the first time from

It was the last day for Butterick pattern sale. (I didn’t know there were cheaper patterns:P)

6 patterns. Very kiasu of me to get the most out of a pattern. Plus the ‘FAST & EASY’ clause kind of clinched the deal.

Another 6 variation from one pattern for my princess

Can’t forget my little man and my man

The question is, when will I ever get this done?

My books are here!

Mama’s helper trying to open the box

The last of my expected shipment (from the last shopping expedition online) is here. My books from I missed the mailman again. I’ve been checking the mailbox so often without realizing that the mailman had left the box on Danial’s bicycle because it’s too big to fit into the mailbox. It’s the first time for me to buy from Quite satisfied. Some of the books I’ve been eyeing is hard to get here. Speakiing about the first, since I’ve been actively blogging on needlecrafts, I’ve done a lot of things for the first time...

  1. have my own giveaway
  2. sold pre-ordered fabrics
  3. bought patterns online (next entry)
  4. sold my toters online
  5. bought fabric from ETSY
That’s just to name a few... 

The books are making me itch to cast on... 

I’m eyeing these next:

Would anyone be interested in a book pre-order?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Spiderman Wallet

Azrai’s cousin, Chiah called me a few days ago to invite us to her son’s birthday party this saturday. So, I put my thinking cap on to whip up something for a boy’s birthday present. Obviously it has to come from my sewing room and Wallah! A spidey wallet.

Outside view of the wallet

Inside view of the wallet. Two small pockets with cool Spidey action.

I have a lot of left over from Danial’s backpack. It’s a simple wallet. I don’t want to play around with zippers and closure so I just have 3 pockets, one for notes and two for Godknowswhat boys’ stuff. Growing up in KL, do kids really value coins?  I used the scrap denim from Danial’s bag too but I only have small scraps hence the design.

I hope birthday boy, Eji likes it. Making and giving the wallet as a birthday present is the easy part. The tough part is filling up the wallet, hahahaha...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Another Smocking Dress

Here’s a dress I finished after putting it down so many times. I did the smocking in three days but the construction of the dress took me so long that I was getting worried that it’d turn out as another one of my UFO (UnFinished prOject). I hate it if that happens but luckily it didn’t.

I took the bodice template from AE & E for an 18 months old but my Arwen is a bit on the petite side. I hope she can fill the dress by raya... 

Close up view of the smocking pattern. Fabric is too busy that it drowned my smocking.

I used snaps as closure. Too lazy to sew up the buttons and make button holes. Plus I have lots of snaps to last me a lifetime!

Monday, July 19, 2010

What a day! Another delivery!!! Yeay!!!!

“There’s something for you on the table” said my hubby as I locked the door on the way out to McDonalds to get some sundae. I unlocked the door and went in side and saw the package. YEAY!!! My fabric from Etsy is here!!!!! It arrived exactly a week after I placed my order. I’m in fabric heaven.

It’s my first time SEX @ Etsy and I’m glad to say it was a pleasant one :) Naza pointed me to this seller and we’re supposed to share a package together. But due to some reason, I went ahead and ordered the whole 9 yards for myself. I just took 2 fabric bundles to make up the maximum order of 9 yards and convo the seller to combine my shipping.

I’ve been bitten by the designer fabric bug. I just love them!!!!!

Yeay! My sewing gauge is here

Checked my mailbox on the way to pick up Danial from school and saw Posekspress envelope! Yeay! It's my sewing gauge from Zila Kasim. One down, two to go...