Saturday, February 13, 2010

Reversible baby booties

I've seen similar patterns but not until I came across this tutorial, Reversible Fabric Baby Shoes Tutorial  that got me really inspired to make a pair of booties, at least for my baby girl. I love it because instantly, I get 2 booties in 1. So last night, I went through my scraps and made these:

Isn't it the cutest? I just love making baby stuff.

The reverse side. Equally cute, don't you think?

Only managed to put in on Arwen's feet this morning when she woke up. It fits her nicely. Must make it a little bigger so she can wear it longer. 

Morning grump. Her diaper need changing actually. My model is on strike. Or is it the killer pout look?

Lepas mandi pun, takde mood :( Upside down smile?

Temporarily distracted with mama's handphone.

I'm going to go through my scraps and see if I can make another pair.  I think these are absolutely great for babies. At least their feet are covered without overdoing it. Arwen goes barefoot most of the time because I think it's too warm for her to wear socks all day. 


  1. the baby bootie is adorable.. reversible plak tu.. very good idea.. and your lil girl is soooooo adorable.. geram, pinch, pinch..

  2. Thanks Sue :) She's growing up so fast, too little time for me to make cute stuff for her to wear.

  3. Very cute shoes. I love that it is reversible!

  4. Thanks Kim. Plan to make some for Baby J?

  5. ohhooo..i made 1 too last month but the pattern pieces are soo small (i might set the printer wrong). i ended up with a super small booties fit for premature babies maybe. Not to mention that it is herot berot too..

    nak kena cuba lagi sekali nih..tunggu ada model dulu baru motivasi skit agaknya..