Friday, May 28, 2010

CD Toter ver 2

It was a prototype disaster. I used the prototype to Danial’s school for Teacher’s Day potluck and some teachers did enquire about it and instead of saying “I’m not doing it”, I quoted them a price and they placed orders. So, it wasn’t a bad disaster after all.

These are some of the finished toters. The difference between the first version and this version is:

  1. The bottom is not quilted. It’s two pieces of heavy cotton sandwiched together for sturdiness.
  2. The border is not finished with bias binding. It’s topstitched 1/4” from the edge for added reinforcement.
  3. Since there’s a few short cuts in the process the price is also different. I’m selling this at RM40.00 each.
Status: SOLD


Status: SOLD

So, for those interested in this version, you can still choose the fabric here and let me know your version of choice.

For instructions on how to use these cd toters, read here.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fabric for CD Toter Pre-Order

Last friday, Naza of Itsy Bitsy Doodly Love and I packed 2 babies and a toddler into my car and we drove to Nilai Square for fabric hunt. We had a good hunt that day... The day was early and the shops just opened for business.

Here’s my fabric selection for CD Toter pre-order. Read here for instructions on how to  use the toter. The material is heavy cotton. I’ll match the lining with polycotton.

Retro Pink

Green Garden

Rose Garden in Green

Rose Garden in Black

Fancy stripeys? How about these?

Black/Brown Stripey

Pink/Orange Stripey

Blue/Green Stripey

Or maybe just solid, plain colours?

From left: Black/Pink/Blue/Green/Brown

Terms and conditions:
  1. The price is RM50.00 per toter (excluding delivery). 
  2. Please email me for yourfabric choice at State your name, contact number and shipping address.
  3. Please allow 2 weeks from the date you place your order for me to cut, sew and mail it to you.
  4. Payment is in full prior to shipment/delivery of the toter. I will inform you via email when the toter is ready.
  5. Sale of goods are final. There is no returns or refund. 

Monday, May 24, 2010

CD Toter

Not known to many, I’ve actually started selling my Casserole Dish Carriers since I first published a post about it here and also how to use it . CASSEROLE DISH CARRIER is such a mouthful to pronounce, I’ve decided to dub it as CD TOTER. It’s not an original name, but it’s much more practical, don’t you think?

My CD Toter went to action last week when Danial’s school was having a Teacher’s Day potluck. I fried two packets of chicken nuggets and put them in two casserole dishes and packed them in my toters. They made the desired impact and Danial’s teachers started asking where did I get them. The promotion worked. When I picked up Danial later that day, some of the teachers ordered the toters from me.

Having a list of orders to make plus the earlier orders from friends and families that I’ve yet to fulfilled, got me to fire up my sewing machine and run my little production line of toters. I’m building up my stock for ready made toters. These are a few of the toters that I’ve completed and reserved for clients. I’ll update their status accordingly, after my orders are fulfilled in case there are interested buyers out there.

CDT cat 1.5.1
Sold to Atty.

CDT cat 1.5.2
Reserved for SHA

CDT cat 1.5.3

CDT cat 1.5.4

CDT cat 1.5.5

CDT cat 1.5.6

CDT cat 1.5.7

CDT cat 1.5.8
Quantity: 2 units
Sold 1 unit to Atty
1 unit left! SOLD!

These are the details of my CD Toter:

  • Size: Approximately 16” diameter
  • Material: Heavy cotton top and bottom panel, quilted bottom with CP batting lined with polycotton or cotton fabric.
  • Price: RM50.00 per unit (not including delivery charges)

I’ve yet cracked my head to make an order form on my blog. Therefore, interested buyers, please email me your orders at I’ll upload the fabric in my stash that you can choose for your toter soon. I will then email you the payment details. For pre-orders, please allow two weeks for me to cut, sew and mail the toters to you. 

For international prospective buyers; I do accept Paypal. 

I’m already thinking of my toters being toted around during Ramadhan month where families get together to break fast. Fast forward ahead, it’s a pretty way to carry your rendang and lemang to your mom’s or inlaws' on Hari Raya.

I’ve received a feedback from a friend who bought the toter from me about a month ago where she gave it to her mom for her birthday cum Mother’s day gift. It’s one of a kind and her mom is the only one using it to her usrah group. Here’s a shout out to those who’ve already bought a toter from me, I’d appreciate it if you can leave a comment on my blog about the toter.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Danial’s Bag

My son, Danial rarely ask me to make anything for him and you know that there’s not many things you can make for a boy. Unlike girls and I’ve already have a long list of things I want to make for Arwen. That makes me feel guilty and when one day he did ask me to make him a bag, I went the extra mile. He is into Spiderman nowadays so I went to and searched for spiderman and FOUND IT!

Long story short, with a lot of patience, detemination and the anticipation of my son’s delighted face, I managed to make this for him.

Danial’s Spiderman Backpack

Side profile. The side panel is made of denim fabric I bought from Daiso. I’ve forgotten all about it until I found it while rummaging my stash.

He’s already taken it to school today. My heart was bursting with pride watching my son walked proudly to school with his new bag. Well, THAT is priceless...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clearing my WIP basket

This is the final two pieces of CDs I’ve completed today. My ver 1.3.7 and ver 1.3.8. From my two yards of PUL, I’ve made 8 CDs and some more for wetbags and lots of scraps (I’m thinking of using them to line my mamapads)

My hoops and loops from Talk about being afraid of running short of notions, I went overboard and got the whole role of God knows how many yards. 

Elastics also from

Very Baby one size pocket diaper pattern from Now, I can clear everything up and close a chapter on my Cloth Diaper making episode. I’m glad that I’m able to tick this item off my to do list.

That’s my WIP basket. I’ve put the fabric that I’ve cut, pattern, etc into plastic bags so they don’t get mixed up. The brown box are some of my pattern templates, notes, transfer papers, etc, and my hoops and loops.

My goal is to clear my WIP basket before embarking in other projects. I do feel a lot better having completed these few projects. There’s peace and harmony. A lot of good vibration for creativity. I guess half done work or WIPs generate negative vibes. They become positive aura when they are completed. Generating more creative juice to flow, you think?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My knitting projects

When Arwen was at the hospital, I finished a shrug for Aida (read about it here). My wonderful husband was very helpful and printed the Chunky Slipper pattern that I’ve saved from Knitpicks. He brought the yarn and my circular needles set and I casted on. Here’s the finished product.

Loved it as my feet gets cold in air cond room. Very easy to knit using bulky yarn, speedy. Suitable for orang dalam pantang.

From Aida’s extra yarn, I tried another pattern I saved from the internet. I had to make some adjustments because the pattern was for sock yarn and I was using bulky yarn. Only have one made, have to do the other.

I’ve also reorganized the little cupboard where I keep my yarns. I’ve stashed up quite a fair bit. Most of it from Knitpicks; Crayon Boucle yarns, Comfy Sport yarns, Shine Sport yarns and some scrap yarns. I still don’t have any idea what to do with them until I bought this magazine at the magazine shop near Rasa foodcourt, Alamanda. I might just make a Tilly Doll for Arwen and some footballer hand puppets for Danial.

All these plans have to go to the bottom of my to do list. I want to clear my WIP basket in my sewing room.

My first Ava Bag

Not exactly the first. My first attempt at the Ava Bag was with heavy cotton because I thought I’d get away with no interfacing. The body came out OK but I got stuck with doing the handles. I tried the thick, curved handles and ended up having to undo the stitches for the umpteenth time, I gave up.

I’m not happy when things don’t turn out as planned. As soon as Azrai came home from work, I went into my sewing room and start cutting my fabric for the bag. This time, I used the normal medium weight cotton from my stash. I just bought some medium weight interface from Karysma in Bangi. Azrai saw the determined look in my eye and knew that it’s wise to let me be and he took care of the kids.

This time, I made it with the thin trim handle instead of the thick curved one. Not one of my best work but I  made it!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Aida’s Shrug

The first thing I did when my long awaited package arrived was to immediately cast on for Aida’s shrug. I love the yarn I ordered for her shrug. It’s Peaches & Cream 100% cotton. The colour is Fiesta. Fun colours. It has all the colours of the rainbow. Aida’s mom emailed me her measurements and I set out knitting the shrug in the round using my trusty Harmony circular needles. There wasn’t any particular pattern but Aida’s mom, Bani gave me some ideas and pictures as inspiration.

As it’s knitted in the round, it’s practically seamless. I did the sleeves in the round too using the magic loop method. I did moss stitch borders for the sleeves, collar and the tie up. I’m quite happy with how it turned out but more importantly, Aida is happy with her new shrug. I courier it yesterday afternoon and before I had the time to blog about it, Bani has already posted pictures of Aida in her new shrug in Facebook today.

Thank you Bani for this opportunity to develop my knitting skills. It was a real pleasure to knit this shrug for Aida. I hope she gets a lot of wear from it. With love from Aunty Rozi :)