Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I see BLUE

After my first pair of booties, I dug my scrap box and made these:

I did that last night while Arwen was playing on the bed in my now sewing room. Because of the warm weather, it was a good excuse to switch on the aircond. After all, everybody seems to camp in my sewing room so the aircond is for everybody's comfort. 

Seeing Arwen busy with her toys, I managed to cut the material for the casserole dish carrier. I got my first order, Yippie! My cousin ordered two. She too must have seen our aunty using it when they have potluck. So, long story short, one night's work yielded this result:

I hope you like it Kak Dada.

As I was putting this together, my machine was making a lot of noise. It sounded more like a motor boat engine than a sewing machine. It could almost wake up the dead as I worked to the late hours of the night.

So, early this morning, I gave it some TLC. Opened up my manual and clean up the compartments from lint. Followed the instructions on the parts that need to be oiled at least annually. I think I did to it sometime last year when I started on Arwen's quilt. I left it to let the magic oil do its stuff. Plus, I don't want the oil to spoil my fabric anyway and it's almost impossible for me to get anywhere near the machine during the day.

Earlier tonight, I started on the second piece. Managed to quilt the base and I'm happy that my little TLC went a long way. The machine is now working very smoothly and quietly, just as it should :) I got as far as cutting the top piece before hubby dearest knocked on the door requesting my presence in front of Princess Arwen for her night feed. Haiya! Tak boleh tengok mama senang. So, dutifully, Princess Arwen's milk machine reported for duty. Now, everybody is already off to dreamland and mama here is updating her blog in the dark.


  1. wow, another pair of baby booties?? they're adorable.. and drooling over your casserole dish cozy.. uhuhuh

  2. That's a pretty blue. Blue is seasonal, always good for any mood. I used to be crazy on patchwork, quilting and such. Used to drive my hubby crazy. Complained that I was always at the sewing machine or in the garden but never at his side. Ever had one of those days?

  3. Thanks Sue. I'm so humbled by your work. Love the idea of pairing booties and bib as a baby present. Compare to you, I hardly scratch the surface!

  4. Thanks Sally. My needlework has yet drive my hubby crazy. I'd like to spend more time on the machine but with the baby and pre-schooler, time is really limited. That's why most of my projects nowadays are quick ones which I can finish in a few days rather than patchwork or quilts because I don't want them to be UFOs (UnFinished Objects)