Monday, June 24, 2013

The haze is back

The haze is back. It's so bad that the Ministry of Education has declared that schools are close today.  I dug out my scrap flannels and made face masks for my kiddos. They are custom fit. 

 I am giving a go at mobile blogging. I seriously do not have the luxury of sitty in front of the computer nowadays. 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Little Red Market 5

My Little Critters debuting at LRM5
Wow! My first entry for 2013. Third month in the new year!!!! That's bad. 
Not that I don't miss my blogging. I've reached the maximum storage space for my pictures and what's a blog if I can't upload pictures. It'll be a bore, even for me.

Anyway, I've missed the first 2 months. Nothing worth recapping I supposed. I've been taking it easy with my sewing. No particular reason why. Just taking a break. I stepped into 2nd gear as we're approaching March where my first bazaar for the year was due to take place.

Little Red Market was in town again. It happened last Sunday, 3rd March 2013. I just love LRM. I've been with them from the quaint beginning of LRM2; and loving the energy, the community, the creativity, everything.

It's my 4th association with them, the 3rd time at White Box, Publika. This time around my location was in the centre, facing the 2nd entrance that leads to Black Box. We're placed into an island where I and 3 other vendors have our backs to each other. I like the set up. It was quite cosy. We get to have our small circle to chat in between chatting with the shoppers. 

There was a good mix of regulars and new faces. I didn't actually get the chance to go and check out all booths. These are pictures of my intermediate neighbours. I like the personalised growth chart. It's such a great idea. From what I see, they get quite a number of orders.

Another fun thing to me was that my kids were with me to watch mama in action. Babah had to run errands and the kids didn't want to be sent to their grandma's house. I love the fact that Melissa and Sally set up a kids' activities corner where my kids were kept busy. They made their own Harry Potter's glasses and bookmarks. The bottom picture shows Danial totally exhausted as they waited for me to pack up at closing time.

All in all it was a good day for me. I never realised how much I miss bazaars especially good ones like LRM. I've a few things left from the bazaar and I'll be listing them in an album on my fanpage in Facebook. I'll put a link here when it's up later.

Boy, it feels good to be able to blog again :)