Friday, February 12, 2016

Kids craft: Rock Painting

I am keeping Arwen at home today because the doctor gave her an extra day of medical leave. It suits me fine because I can make sure she takes her antibiotics on time. She has a swollen lymph node below her left ear just behind the jaw that I'm concern about. 

She wanted to do some rock painting so I decided to indulge her. She made quite a few to give to her friends at school.

Since I've taken out all the colours and brushes, I might as well join in the fun. Here are some sets that I've made. I'm thinking of selling them as pattern weights for RM12 per set. Would anybody be interested?

Strawberries, A set of 4 for RM12

Design/Create/Craft/Make set @ RM12

Doa/Iman/Sabar/Usaha set @ RM12

Positive words set @ RM12

Golden hearts set @ RM12

I've been using only glossy Mod Podge to finish the rocks before but find them slightly tacky and I cannot stack them up in yhe boc for storage nor can I wrap them loosely with newspaper. The tackiness would cause the paint to chip or paper to stick to it (when I wrap them with newspaper).

This time, I sprayed a coat of clear lacquer over the rocks. It feels less tacky. I've put them away in a basket and layered them with fabric placemat. i hope the paint doesn't chip.

Leave me a comment if you are interested in my painted rock sets.

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