Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Blame it on Facebook

I woke up at 3am this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. After my usual early morning routine, I switched on the computer and started cleaning up my blog. Made a new banner for it. Somewhat a rebranding process to tie my blog with my brand I started in 2012. I tinkered and customised a template that I could work with and Tadaaa!!!!! Here’s to the new look.

Why the long hiatus?

  1. Refer to title of this post: BLAME IT ON FACEBOOK. 
  2. I’ve reached my limits on the pictures that I can post. I don’t quite know or understand how to explain this. Basically, I love a blog entry with pictures in it so it’s saves a lot of story telling. You know the saying that ‘A picture tells a thousand words’. But when I try to upload pictures, I get a message that says I’ve maxed out. 
  3. I was super busy in 2012 going after bazaars and fulfilling online orders that I think I got so burned out. 2013 was just a recuperating year for me. I didn’t really take on a lot of orders and basically take some time out just to chill.
  4. Having said that, it doesn’t mean I stop sewing all together. I still do some sewing here and there, some crafting here and there, just not so much publishing it to this blog. This again refer to item #1. I kept life simple and just update stuff on my page in Facebook. Check out Made by Rozi Rahman and like my page :)

So, what now?

  1. I won’t say I’ll blog more often but I’ll try to have more entries than I did in 2013.
  2. Do follow me on my Facebook page: Made by Rozi Rahman for the latest updates.
  3. If you like pictures, follow my Instagram with hashtag: #madebyrozirahman

What are my plans?

To be honest, I’m still doing a lot of soul searching when it comes to my craft. I’m a hopeless sanguine. I want to do a lot of things and get bored fast once I’ve master the basic skills set. I started with bag-making and small crafts. I did pretty well and I had lots of support and encouragements from my blog readers. The proof was my booth did well in bazaars and my online sale was good. But it got stale. I got tired of making the same thing. At the end of the day for me, it’s not just the Dollar sign or in local context, the Ringgit Malaysia sign. My heart was just not into it anymore. And as the year passed by, I see more and more local crafters getting really good at bag making. Again, it’s not the competition that I’m afraid of. I envy them because of the passion that they have, the love that they put into making each and every bag unique. And without that passion, I can’t be making bags that I’m proud of and what more sell it to the general public.

For a business plan, I’m just going against the grain here. I’m not specialising in any particular area. Maybe not just yet. I’m taking orders as they come. I like it for the time being as it gives me the variety that colours my life. For instance, this week, I’m making telekungs for friends who are going to perform Umrah. Next week, there’ll be something else. In other words, it’s a ‘anything and everything goes’ or ‘Caca-marba’; but it’s my caca-marba. 

I need to have a big sign and say “I AM SORRY” for not replying or sitting on emails and enquiries that passed through my mailbox. I am so bad at that. Did I tell you that I’m a hopeless procrastinator too? I have a button that says ‘Procrastinator Extraordinaire’, not a trait that I’m proud of. I promise I will try my best to reply to any email or enquiries. That’s one reason why I have not decided whether to add a ‘Contact’ widget on my blog. 

I think that’s enough rambling for the day. I still have to add some finishing touches to the telekungs that I did yesterday and prepare them for postage. It does feel good to be able to ramble again on this blog. I wonder who still reads my blog after a long leave of absence. Maybe I’ll do a random giveaway to anybody who cares to comment after this post :)

Quoting Emmet from Lego Movie, “Everything is AWESOME!”



  1. hai kak rozie.. bila la kita nak sambung kelas knitting semula.. ekekekek... knitting hook akak pun tak pulang2 lagi... hihihi...

  2. same here, blame it on facebook AND instagram..so much faster to update & you get almost instant response! social media is far out pacing blogs but here is the place where thoughts can be written in a much more meaningful way. all the best for your 2014 venture kak rozi! :)