Friday, November 11, 2011

Aidiladha Project, A Diaper Caddy, Laminated Cloth Project and Azrai’s Birthday

The title is so lengthy... That’s because I’m dumping a whole lot of news in a single posting. There’s actually more but I got lost half way so I decided to stick with what I already have. OK, here goes...

Aidiladha Project
I made a maxi dress for Arwen and a simple tunic for Danial. They’re inspired by Charlie’s Tunic by Made by Rae.

I have more pictures of Hari Raya Aidiladha but I’m keeping that for something special. There’s going to be a giveaway soon :)

A Diaper Caddy

This is a WIP. I need to put in the separators and a base for this. Isn’t it cute?

Laminated Cloth Project

I found laminated cloth nextdoor to Epal Training Centre, Puchong and was over the moon!!!! I went in after sending my machine of 7 years for some TLC last week. (which reminds me, they haven’t call me yet. It shouldn’t take so long!) Since we’re going for a short break to the seaside soon, I thought I make myself a bag. I have my heart set on the bucket bag pattern because I read somewhere that it’s best to use a simple pattern for laminated fabric. I used cotton webbing for the trimmings and handles and lined my bag with batting. One reason, I need the padding in case I decide to throw in my camera in the bag. I also added a key tab for a phase 2 of this bag. So, it’s still a WIP. Just that I get to use it already tonight when we went out for dinner and took Danial for his school consert rehearsal. 

Azrai’s Birthday

Saving the best for last, today, Friday, November 11, 2011 (11.11.11), Azrai celebrates his 43rd birthday. I made this video for him as a birthday present.

Other things in store

I’m going to have a free giveaway soon! Stay tuned for the announcement.


  1. Comelnya maxi tu! nice tunic too...

  2. zie, maxi tu cam jubah kan...comel aje arwen pakai. video tu so sweeeeettttt....happy besday to azrai...

  3. mamikelate, thank you :)

    Yati Ali, maxi tu ala-ala jubah la :) ingat nak amik tempahan for raya tahun depan, interested tak? Thank you.... bini modal kecik, buat video je la kasi besday presen. nak buat besday cake pun tak pandai... bapak budak n budak2 pun tak suka sangat makan cake. nanti mak gak yang tukan habis. mana tak badan mak bulat...

  4. sweet sgt video tue..touching betul ^ ^

  5. Terima kasih SewLove :) buat utk yang tersayang :)

  6. so romantic...bruntungnye hubby sis rozy dpt ni...penuh makna...itu nilai sbnrnyer...great work...kalo sya wat cmni kt hubby sya mau meraung dier terharu...hehek... ;)

  7. nakcari juga laminate cloth tu ...x tau pula ada kat epal...