Sunday, June 5, 2011

Arwen’s Gypsy Skirt

What started out as clearing my sewing room, turned out to be making more mess when I made this Gypsy Skirt for Arwen. I hardly have half a yard each of these cupcakes fabric and wanted to clear my scraps. Arwen was happy twirling in the skirt as soon as I finished it but she has her own idea of wearing the skirt; topless. She refused to wear a shirt over it and look at her face when I insisted, so I can take her pictures. She wasn’t happy that I only took the bottom half of her with the skirt so reluctantly, she cooperated. After the photoshoot, she took off the shirt again and went about happily, topless. Well, at least, she likes the skirt

1 comment:

  1. Owh... lamanya tak jumpa arwen... nmpk mcm dah besar plak pakai skirt nmpk pusat.. hehehehe