Monday, March 14, 2011

Stash busting-Iphone4 Pouch and Passport Holder

I’ve been putting off making a new Iphone4 Pouch until I scratched the screen protector (luckily it’s the screen protector) having dumped my Iphone into the bag along with the car keys, purse, Arwen’s diaper and what not. So, after dinner, I started working on this prototype. No batting. The lining is some scrap black corduroy. I made it a bit wider than my first pouch as to make space for the Iphone cover that I had on my phone (the white border)  I added a small carabiner so I can hook the pouch to my bag or jeans.

Then, I made another quickie project; a passport cover for Arwen’s passport with Amy Schindler’s Hearts and lined with green linen. It’s superfast because I just edge/top stitched it instead of my favorite sandwich method. Turned out OK. 


  1. good idea ler on the small carabiner... senang nak cangkuk kat mana2..

    wahhh arween dah nak dapat adik ker??? congrat... bila due tuh? but good thing is, ur sewing project not affected yer.. bestnyer.

  2. Mila, baru berharap... belum ada isi lagi hehehehe... so excited for you!!! sure Izzah pun super excited :)

  3. oooo.. salah faham rupanya.. takper2.. bermula dgn harapan.. insyallah nnt lekat betul...