Thursday, March 18, 2010

Drumstick case for hubby

I got Azrai into taking up drum lessons at Yamaha Music Alamanda recently as a way to release stress. He went for the complimentary trial session and decided he likes it so I sponsored his first month of lessons starting March. He only had to get a pair of drumsticks (somehow or rather, chicken drumsticks come to mind every time I mention the word “drumsticks”) so I decided to make a case for them.

This is one of my very quick project. A couple of hours from conception to finished product. I used some scrap batting from my other projects which is about 3” wide. I get to use my snap press again in this project. I don’t have any black snaps so I used gray snaps. Worked out OK.

This is the back view of the case where I made a loop for Azrai to attach it on his belt. He suggested the idea which was from his handphone cover where they normally use velco. Since I have lots of snaps, I used 2 to really secure it in place. When I finished this, Azrai was putting Arwen to bed so I couldn’t get him to model it for me. At least I made something useful for hubby dearest.

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