Monday, February 22, 2016

Mystery Braid Key Fob

After making Danial’s back quiver, I used some leftover scraps to learn how to make the mystery braid bracelet. I’ve several pins about how to do the mystery braid and you can check out my pinterest on leather craft here

For my reference purpose. I cut these straps 0.75” width by 9.5” length. I’ve discovered that the length would be adjusted as we weave the mystery braid by 1” leaving the total finished length of 8.5”. I cut three strands about 0.25” width and stop 1” from the ends  

I’ve also cut longer strips of 13” and 12” long and instead of having it as a bracelet, I turned it into a key fob. 

And for practise, I made several and stained them light brown. I’m selling them too. Drop me an email if you want to order them at

 A few days later, Azrai got me a set of metal stamps and I tested the stamps on the bracelet I made earlier. Cool huh?

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