Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Freebie: 2016 Cuti-cuti Malaysia Sticker Set

Before having a planner, my blog posts have always been erratic and sporadic. That’s because I’ve never put much thought into my blog posts. As I browse through Pinterest, I came across tracker page for blog posts and how people plan their blogs. Wow! It was mind-blowing to me.

Since the existence of Facebook and Instagram, I’ve had this struggle to keep my blog current. And come new year, I would make the same resolution to activate my blog again. I would blog for the first couple of months and then, my blog would go on sleep mode.

This year, while renewing the same resolution of keeping my blog current; I’ve set up a mind-maping page in my Bujo to plan out my blog posts. It’s a beta-version of my blog tracker and I’m still tweaking it to make it work for me. At least for the next 3 months, I have blog titles to blog about.

OK, now come to the subject at hand. I’ve actually plan to have a giveaway this February in celebration of:
  1. my 14th Anniversary
  2. my Mother In-law’s 84th birthday
  3. the Lunar New Year
  4. All of the above 
I’ve been thinking of what thing I can give as the giveaway prize. As I was drafting my blog post about my Planner Zen, I got an idea of doing something better; give a Freebie instead. It has to be planner related and something that I can share away easily. So, here it is, the 2016 Cuti-cuti Malaysia Sticker Set. I made this using the images I found on Google and  put them together. Here are the files:
 If you do not have a printer or a Silhouette machine, fret not, I print and cut them for a fee of RM5.00 (price is not inclusive of postage). Leave a comment down below if you want me to print and cut for you.

This Freebie is intended for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not sell them. This Freebie is valid throughout February and shall end by 29 February 2016. 


  1. Hi dear. Im interested to have your sticker. Can i order from you? Since i dont have printer or silhoutte machine. ��
    Pls email me the details so that i can bank in the payment for you.

    Thanks =)

    1. Hi Sha! Sure, of course you can order from me. What’s your email address? or you can Whatsapp me at 0122038117 so I can give you the payment instructions