Saturday, February 20, 2016

DIY Leather Back Quiver

Last Saturday, Azrai called the handyman to fix things around the house. I wasn’t in the mood for creative experiment but Danial asked if we can work on his leather quiver, I didn’t have the hearts to turn him down. So I took my leather stuff outside on our patio and cut out the basic shapes for the quiver. I’ve been pinning some back quiver pictures in my pinterest. One in particular showed how to mould the quiver with a pvc tube. I got hubster to go get a 3 inch pvc tube from the local hardware shop. I dampen the leather and wrap it around the tube and held it together with wooden pegs (using whatever I have around me). Thinking that it needed time to mould to the shape so I told Danial it won’t be ready that day. 

While putting the quiver aside, I thought I’d stain the other parts. The staining process was rather quick so I ended up staining the body too. Might as well so it can dry while taking shape. We left the leather to dry while I took the kids for their KUMON Recognition Day that day.

When we got home, the handy man was done with his work. So, it’s our time to make some mess. I glued and knocked in the belt with rivets to the body of the quiver; then punched holes to fix the rivets to join the seam. I knocked in a few rivets before cutting the excess leather. Seen here, Danial helping me with setting in the rivets before I knock them in. He’s super excited but patient enough to help me get his quiver done. He’s confident that we could finish the quiver the same day.

I gave Danial the task to burnish the edge of the quiver. 

 Fixed the buckle and got Azrai to make the holes for the buckle to fit Danial.

 And there you have it. Danial’s very own leather back quiver. He was so happy that we finished it in time for him to wear for his archery class the next day.

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