Monday, May 9, 2011

Passport Covers for Didee Hamzah

My Mother’s Day weekend was filled with spring cleaning, separating the plastics, metals and paper for recycling, packing old clothes and send them to the recycling centre, a bit of ironing, photography and photo-editing and making these beauties :) I was filling the Poslaju docket this morning hoping I could pass it to my husband cum involuntary dispatch to drop it at Poslaju only to realize that I don’t have Didee’s address. I hope you like them Didee. 

All packed and ready to go
And this is the rare moment where I can leave my sewing room looking like this. 

The move to clear my work space came about after I was made green with envy looking at Sue of MyBotang’s neat sewing studio photo. Organization is not one of my strong points. More often than not, the table would be in a mess with all sorts of things. I would ‘tai chi' them from one side to the other when I needed the space. Things get lost too in the pile of stuff I have on the table and I waste time looking for them. Good thing that my sewing activities is confined in a room. Otherwise, I shudder to imagine the chaos in my house :)


  1. its my turn to envy looking at yours plak hahaha

  2. @ Mila, cemburu yang dibolehkan, takpekan. jangan dengki plak :)
    Camana pregnancy? dah tau boy or girl?

  3. can't wait to have it and call those 'ours'!

  4. Hi,

    These passport covers looks wonderful. How can i order and to check out what other fabrics you have?

  5. Hi Catheryn! Thank you for your interest in my handmade. You can check my stash at for more info, please email me at rozirahman dot gmail dot com