Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another Passport Cover and A Luggage Tag

I was referred by Zura Lovemelots to a customer who asked me to make a passport cover and a luggage tag. I googled and found a simple pattern that I can follow. I happened to have some vinyl lying around in my sewing room to make the business card slot. 

Isn’t it cute?
Oh, I almost forgot, Thank you Zura for the referral :) May Allah blessed you with more rezeki :)

Passport cover: RM15.00 (without personalized embroidery)
Luggage tag: RM12.00
Combo: 1 passport cover + 1 luggage tag: RM25.00
(Prices are not inclusive of delivery charges)


  1. Vinyl tu nak cari kat mana kak? Menarik juga jika beg dgn vinyl digabungkan :)

  2. Vinyl tu nama glamer plastik lapik meja dek ;-P