Saturday, May 21, 2011

No ends to Luggage Tags

I woke up at 4am this morning. Arwen had one of her night terror episodes. She’d cry out of a sudden and as suddenly as it started, she’d go back to sleep; as if nothing happened at all. Since I’m awake, I decided to finished off what I started last night. I managed to cut and prepared the material for three luggage tags for my girlfriends. All I needed was to sew them together. I finished everything in an hour and got to clean up my sewing room. I’ve taken out some fabrics for CD toters. I’m planning to put some at Ruzila Kassim’s booth in Putrajaya next wednesday. She was generous to offer fellow crafters who’s interested to put up items for sale at her booth. Since it’s already in my turf (Putrajaya), I might as well come on board. I haven’t start a single toter yet. Me and my last minute execution. I’m cooking a plan to add passport covers and luggage tags. Only if time permits.

Till then, have a nice weekend folks!

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