Sunday, January 29, 2012

A special project for a special new arrival

Erpha passed me this lovely fabric sometime October last year and asked me to make her a diaper bag. I was honored that a skilled seamstress like Erpha trusted me with this pet project. ( Check out her blog here) We bounced emails between each other to get some ideas on what kind of diaper bag she would want to have. I scoured the internet for some inspirations, sent her some photos, asked some questions, she gave her input and I made lots of doodles on my sketch book. 

I have the basic design in my head. The tricky part was to work out the dimensions so that everything falls together. Erpha sent me a 15” zip along with the fabric. 

Then, it took a back seat in my list of projects as I took part in Crafty Art Bazaar in December and needed to prepare some ready made items for stock. In the meanwhile, I spent more time on the drawing board finding the best way to translate the design from drawing board to the sewing machine. 

I knew Erpha is slowing down on her sewing activities in January to prepare for her baby. I made a promise to myself to finish the bag by Chinese New Year and have it sent to her before January ends. Oh, and I resolved to get cracking on it after my first bazaar for 2012 in Berjaya Times Square. Read about it here.I needed to get into the zone, no more excuses.

I finalized my designs during the Chinese New Year public holidays. Prepare the panels and ironed the interfacing, cut and attached the batting to the interrior panels with adhesive spray and what have you.

I just love the fabric. It’s the French Journal collection by Micheal Miller fabric. It’s the motivation I need to see to the completion of this project. I took my time to sew this bag and took great care at putting it together. It’s a real labour of love. I have a reputation to keep. Making a bag to a seamstress with exquisite touch in smocking, I have to make the bag equally exquisite, if not better.  I picture a beaming new mom with her bundle of joy, toting this bag. Proud of her new baby and proud to carry this diaper bag and call it her own. That’s why I dubbed this bag, the ERPHA bag :)

It measures approximately 12”(length) x 13”(height) x 6” (deep) at the bottom with a zippered closure of 15” long. It’s fully padded; 2 bellow pockets on the exterior sides with pearl snaps closures; 2 small bellow pockets on the interior and a bigger bellow pocket with capped snap closure on the opposite side. Check out the pictures below for details.

It’s going to it’s owner next week. Plus, a sweater for Mr. Dodo. From what I heard, Mr. Dodo is not feeling too well and has lost some weight. I just hope the sweater still fit him.

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