Friday, January 6, 2012

I’ve been bitten by a tatting bug

It all started when somebody mentioned about tatting in my favorite group on Facebook and it brought back my childhood memories of watching one of my grand aunt tatting laces. So I googled up ‘tatting’ and watched a few youtube videos. I was confident enough that I could learn this on my own so one fine day, I dashed to Yee Button and got me some supplies.

After a few practise with the knots and picots and rings, I dare myself to try a simple pattern. This is a simple edging pattern which I didn’t complete because I didn’t know how to add new yarn when the shuttle ran out of yarn.

Knowing how to flip the thread with the crochet practise thread, I went up a notch and tried a proper crochet yarn. I was way over my head taking on a two shuttle pattern. I fumbled at joining the small ring to the large ring where they got twisted.

Then I tried this pattern called the blue motif because it’s simple enough. I like the result and if I stiffen it, it can be a nice christmas tree ornament or be an embellishment on Arwen’s dress.

The blue motif got me started on looking up simple floral design just so that I can finish a tatting project and maybe add it to my other sewing projects as an embellishment. In this 5 petal daisy pattern, I learned how to do double picots :) It sounds complicated than it seems :)

From that flower, I thought I could just make it into a pendant and tie a ribbon to it. So I looked up tatting patterns for jewellery. I found this 6 petal daisy as part of a choker or an earring. I like the simple design. More importantly, I managed to finished it, rather than it be a UFO (UnFinished Object)

My favorite reference is Jon Yusof of Tat A Renda. I learned how to add new thread without tying a knot and wanted to try one of her free patterned. I did this early this morning. I thought it turned out quite well only to be pointed out the error of an extra ring at the end by the pattern designer herself! I am very proud that she took notice of my work even though just to point out an error :) Thank you Kak Jon, you’ve been an inspiration.

I have yet settled down to a routine with Danial in school these past few days. Arwen is at lost without her big brother to play with so she’s extra sensitive and extra clingy and cranky. I can’t get much sewing or any sewing done at to date. So, I settle with more tatting practise. I make this simple tatting edges thinking that it’s simple enough so I can have the length in no time but tatting is for the patient, and alhamdulillah, I have the patience for it. Perhaps I have the length for my own scarf.

So, I’ve kicked off my new year with a new craft to master and hopefully more bazaars to enter. The challenge is, to get things ready for the bazaar to sell. Not to mentioned the overdue projects that I’ve promised some friends. Hang in there, Erpha of Exclusive Smocking. I haven’t forgotten your diaper bag. You shall have it before you go into labour. That’s my promise :)


  1. tatting ni glamour dulu2.. teringat tealady kat office lama arituh, dialah yg memperkenalkan saya dgn tatting, tp sempat tgk skit2 jer dia buat. tak belajar pun.
    mmg cantik, kalau letak kat beg or letak kat lengan baju... fuh kelasss gitu.. cayalah kak rozi.. nonstop trying new things

  2. so true Mila. i first saw this art dulu2 kat lengan dan kaki baju my sister, so beautiful tatted laces adorning the baju. masa tu tak tau seni apa ni, very beautiful. last year i wanted to learn tp shuttle pun tak beli lagi, :-)

  3. Bestnya...kalau letak kat lengan baju mesti lawa...x pandai la nak buat ni