Monday, February 6, 2012

Tutorial: Chalk Mat ver 1.1

I’m preparing some items for sale for my upcoming bazaar and made these today. They are chalk mat ver 1.1. The ver 1.0 is finished with bias tape on the edges. It’s nice but it gets dirty from the chalk dust. So the newer version, I took out the bias tape. Here’s the how to:

Oil cloth or laminated cotton measuring 13”x 16”
A scrap piece approximately 5” x 6” for the chalk pocket
Chalk cloth measuring 12” x 15”
Ribbon. I cut mine about 20” long

This is my machine setting:

Take the scrap piece for the pocket. Fold about 1/2” in and stitch. I used a zigzag stitch with the above setting.

Here’s how it looks like when finished.

The right side:

Fold the pocket piece into two and stich along the bottom of the piece (opposite the zigzag stitch made earlier)

Like this:

Turn right side out and keep it aside for later.

Lay the oilcloth right side down. Layer the chalk mat wrong sides together like this. You will have about 1/2” allowance as the oil cloth is larger than the chalk mat.

Fold in the long sides like this:

And stitch. You can you straight stitch. I used zigzag stitch. Repeat the process on the other long side.

Fold in the corner like this and pin in place:

Slip in the pocket about 1.5” to 2” from the bottom and pin in place. Stitch. Repeat on the opposite side.

Turn the chalk cloth on the right side. Mark the centre of the short side. Place the ribbon in the centre and stitch.

I went over it 3 times.

I finished the ribbon ends with fray check. Alternatively you can heat set it.
Stick a couple of chalks inside the pocket and TADAAA! you got yourself a chalk mat.

I hope the instructions are clear enough. Good luck and have fun with your chalk mats :)


  1. FINALLY! This is the best tutorial for a chalkmat that I've come across. I'm fairly new to sewing so all of the others may as well have been written in Chinese lol. I will definitely be trying this in time for our trip in September. Thank you! :)