Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Quick Embroidery Job

My husband asked me if I could embroider the name of his company on his work shirts and I said, “Sure”. That was a month ago. He reminded me again last week and I thought I better get it done before he takes it to the professionals. Nothing fancy, just the name of the company. I used one of his worn out shirt made a few samples with different layouts and sizes of the fonts and he agreed on this one. You can see the water soluble stabilizer on the finished item.

For the fun of it, I’ll take you on a step by step process of this embroidery job. Why? 1. I’ve not updated my blog for awhile and 2. I just need to warm up my camera and snap some pictures and what good are the photos if they just stay in the harddisk? So here’s sharing some pictures with you all out there.

 I used two types of stabilizers;

1. the water soluble stabilizer. I found it after asking Mr. Yee of Yee Button and he ransacked his store and found me this. The roll is actually longer about 40” but a big chunk of it was spoilt (cockroach and lizards’ droppings) and Mr. Yee let me have the whole roll for a bargain price (I can’t recall how much). I took it home and saw off the rotten end and this is what I can salvaged.
 2. The paper stabilizer. Quite thick. I think this is from one of the projects from Epal.
 I cut just about enough to cover the work area and pin in to the shirt like this. this is the back view.
 This is the front view where I’ve marked the area where I want to embroider with water soluble marking pen and put the hoop on the shirt. Important note: the shirt is knit fabric so don’t stretch it when you attach the hoop. I did on my first trial and when I took off the hoop after the embroidery, the fonts got distorted and looked funny. Anyway, back to the story, again, I just cut enough stabilizer to cover the work area and pin it to the shirt.

 Then, set the machine. I use Brother N900. The machine is almost exclusively used for embroidery. I realized that I’ve misplaced the presser foot holder when I want to use it for normal sewing a few days ago. My other portable is acting up. The stitches kept jumping. Good thing the presser foot holder on the old portable fits this machine. At least I can still sew while getting a replacement.

After you’ve adjusted the size, placement, etc, just let sit back and let the machine run. When it’s done take the hoop off and trim the excess thread and stabilizer and there you have it!

OK, end of story. I’m off to make something more interesting.  That would be later. Now I have to give Arwen her bath. She’s been screaming bloody murder for the past half an hour!


  1. this few days I kept on trying and trying with my NV90e.. handling the machine dah ok, but creativity kureng hehehe.. zillion thanks for sharing this

  2. Mila, cuba dan cuba lagi. pakai kertas recycle for stabilizer pun OK kalau jahit atas cotton. kalau stretch fabric ni, jgn tegang2 sangat, nanti embrodery dia kedut.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing... now I know how I can save stabilizer.. :)