Monday, March 1, 2010

What I did this week

Practically nothing!!!! Sewing wise.... I have not touched the machine at all this week... So sad. It's my therapy so you would have a good guess how highly strung I am right now :( A lot of things happened this week. We went to Kuantan (see my personal blog My Family My Heaven) for a short break since my hubby has a product demo there, only to rushed back to KL the next day when somebody broke into my MIL's house. So traumatic...

I made up my lack of sewing with fabric hunting at Cottage Patch Ampang. I've been to a few quilt shops around Klang Valley and I personally feel that they have the most extensive collection of cotton fabric. Just simply love them. I could just spend hours going through them.

I'm too beat to do anything tonight. I was at home with Arwen the whole day, doing the laundry after the trip (I'm not proud but glad that I agreed to use disposable diapers on Arwen during the trip), vacuuming with Arwen on one hand (she's terrified of the vacuum noise), moping, feeding and breastfeeding Arwen in between. How do other moms do it?

I sat in my sewing room after Arwen went to sleep, trying to figure out how to replicate the Ava bag. My brains simply refuse to cooperate tonight so I settled to doing cutting fabric for my casserole dish carrier and marking them for quilting. I have sooo many things I want to make but just not enough time to make them. I guess I do have to take it one thing at a time...

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