Thursday, March 25, 2010

Casserole Dish Carrier Gallery

Some people make tote bags, some make girl’s dresses. I kicked off my online business (well, somewhat) with my casserole dish carrier. My cousin, Kak Dada was the first to place her order when I posted my casserole dish carrier here. So, I’ve made some more and they are reserved for a special someone. Thank you for appreciating my needlework. For fellow crafters, feast your eyes on these...

Delicious Apples

Yummy Strawberries

Bursting Bluberries

Orange stripeys

Bubbly Bubbles


  1. I LOVE your casserole dish carriers.. all the fabric choice are yummy!!

  2. Thanks :) Have u made one for urself yet?

  3. roziii... cantikkkk 1st time nampak nih ... tak terpk .. cute fabric tuh

  4. Sharifah, thank you. nak tengok cara pemakaiannye, kat my earlier post on Casserole Dish Carrier. You buat tote, i buat mende alah nih hehehe... rezeki Allah dah tentukan :)