Monday, March 29, 2010

An afternoon with Naza

How original is the title? hehehe... It was good timing. My long awaited package finally arrived last Thursday and the first thing I do was email Naza to get her address. It was also a fortunate thing that Naza checked her email and replied to me. Upon discovering that she's in Bangi, and coincidently I'm going to my aunt's house in Bangi, we arranged for a self-pick up at my aunt's.

It's not that often that I get to meet a fellow crafter so our first meeting went quite well as we already established a common interest-crafting :) There's more; stay at home mom, baby-wearing, breastfeeding. In a short while, we're like old friends.

The kids need no encouragement to make new friends and play together which leaves only the babies with the mommies. With Naza's permission, I copied the one and only photo from her blog post here to immortalize the brief but enjoyable evening with Naza and her wonderful heroes.

Naza, thank you for your business. Hopefully, it's the beginning of many playdates for the kids so mommies can catch up and exchange notes (in other words, gossip)


  1. I like your version about our meeting very much :). Today..i lalu rumah your aunt to buy kuih. My 2 kids tu sibuk nk gi 'rumah kawan mami' hehe...

  2. Halamak! tu bukan rumah aunty la sayang. tu rumah tok aunty Jun :)