Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Product Review: Hand Press and Snap Button Dies

I purchased my hand press from Zila Kasim (instagram: @zilakasim) some time last year. I was so pleased at how smooth and effortless to operate it that I sold off my Kam press lock stock and barrel with the resin snaps. After all my baby cloth diapering days are over and I have lots of metal snap press that I can use. 

The press comes with rivet dies and you can add on different dies if you wish. I was making angpow pouches and knew I needed the snap button dies. I’ve been using the snap setter tool which has it’s own issue of noise pollution. What more now I work in an apartment, I don’t want the neighbours to complain of the noise I make knocking the snap buttons in. 

So, check out the video. It is a one shot video where I shoot with one hand and use the other hand to press down the hand press to fix the snap button. That’s how smooth and effortless it is. I can never do that on my Kam Press. 

An added bonus, I can use the dies with my pearl base too! Check out my angpow purse:

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