Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Arwen’s Kimono Kurung

Ramadan is usually the month that I reserve for some personal sewing and that means sewing for myself and kids or more Arwen. Danial is grown up already and he prefers Jubah which I don’t know how to sew so we buy one for him. For Arwen, she’s not into the traditional baju kurung so I had to come out with something avant garde. OK, something edgy for the little missy.

While browsing my instagram feed, I came across a paper article posted by @asphodelstudio about her kimono kurung for kids being featured in the papers. I thought they look nice and something I can wing on my own. I sold the idea to Arwen and she agreed.

So, I drafted the pattern and long story short, Arwen’s Kimono Kurung came into existence. I had some plain pink cotton material enough for the kimono top to match the batik skirt. I purchased a bundle of Nor Arfa’s Pastel batik from @anisbatikcotton a couple of months ago and she chose one for her batik skirt. I love the pastel pink and turqoise combination.

Before I pen off, I would like to wish to all Muslim,

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