Monday, March 13, 2017

What Happened To February?

Time flies! I put off my blog entry only to realised that it’s already March. Gosh! What happened in Fabruary? Well, I wasn’t feeling so good health wise and long story short, after 43 years of life, I now am on BP medications. Well, life goes on. 

On to the more interesting things. My first Baby Announcement Pillow order for the year. I am now doing the embroidery onto cotton drill material. It’s sturdier and takes on the embroidery well; less puckering. To order, drop me a line at or whatsapp me: 0122038117. The price is RM45.00 for a non removable cover pillow and RM65.00 for a separate cover and insert.

I’ve been using Silhouette Portrait for almost 2 years now and have been under the radar. Then one day, Zila Kasim asked me about Cameo and I gave her my opinion. She went and got herself one and asked me to come over and teach her. I am always happy to share with a fellow crafter and we had a pleasant afternoon discovering the Cameo3.

Immediately Zila asked if I would like to do a demo because she sees the potential of Cameo3 for the crafters. I jumped at the idea and we arranged a collaboration for a Demo Party to be held at her studio, LamanSeniZilaKasim.

There was a decent turn out and we had fun. Gathering with like minded people is alway refreshing.
Here’s a group photo of almost everybody. Some left earlier.

The Cameo3 and Portrait was very well received and I’ve taken the initiative to become a non exclusive distributor for Silhouette Malaysia. I’ve also managed to get a Kutu group going for both Cameo3 and Portrait. More info and updates on my Instagram and Facebook page: madebyrozirahman.

I was at Spotlight The Mines on 18-19 February, helping out with the Super Sewing Weekend. I made some simple hand puppet sample for the sewing challenge. The templates are from here.

This is the picture of the lucky winner whose baby I helped pacify when he was screaming his head off while mommy trying to sew a hand puppet. Love having that brief moment with a baby again, even it’s someone else’s baby.

I started to collaborate with a very creative friend who makes hantaran for engagements and weddings. My contribution is the card tag on the hantaran :) If you’re interested in her work, check out her instagram: ryta_khan. This talented lady does flower arrangements and fabulous cakes too. 

Did my combo class at The Craftsical on 25 February 2015. Nieza’s hero modelling a custom t’shirt made with HTV and my telekung student with her telekung. 

 Arwen got invited to a classmate birthday party on a week night. The invitation was broadcasted by her class teacher and I made a quick birthday present for her friend. A simple cotton drill bag (unlined) with personalisation of her name with HTV. A small note from the giver on the inside of the bag. I do take orders for customisation. A simple bag like this would start at RM25.00. Drop me a line if you wish to order.

So, that pretty much wrap up my February. I now find a renewed reason to keep my blog active. As I age, I find keeping records help my failing memory. I will keep on archiving my activities here in the blog for my personal reference. I’m glad if you finds my blog read-worthy. I don’t get much of a response from my blog so I won’t know if anybody actually do read them. 

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