Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Knitting Party at Spotlight Mines

A quick recap - I was at Spotlight, The Mines on Saturday, 12 March 2016 for their Knitting Party. I look forward for this because I was hoping to sample the new super chunky yarn.

By the way, I managed to sew myself a new blouse using cotton knit material I acquired from where else? Spotlight of course. Bullied my husband to retake this photo several times until I get the ‘slim’ look :)

OK back to the story.

Mis Fyd stopped by at the party to try a hand at arm knitting. 

Me hiding behind Mis Fyd so I don’t appear ‘fat’. We’ve got to work with what we have.

I get to play some more with the super chunky yarn and did a quick order for Rumaizah or KC of LittleBigShot Photography to make a mini blanket for her baby photography props.

Here’s the finished blanket, using 3 skeins of yarn, the blanket is about 27” by 27”

Another side track; After 10 years watching me knit, he finally asked me to teach him knitting. That’s my son, Danial *beaming*

Watch this space, I’m working out a schedule to have a monthly knitting class at Spotlight Mines, subject to approval.

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