Thursday, March 12, 2015

Throwback: New Craft: Wire Jewelry

Picture credit to @rimaumanja’s Instagram

Last year, I took up wire jewelry class with Mastura Mustafa aka Rimaumanja. Seen in the picture above, me in class with Danial photobombing the picture. You can follow Mas on her Instagram at

Mas is an excellent teacher and I fell in love with this new craft. This is what I made in my very first class: 

This is Arwen wearing it as a pendant:

After the first class, I went to and shopped for my pliers, craft wires and beads. I think I have easily raked up more than a thousand in terms of purchases made there. I have shipment every week and practically chew up the wires. You'll see in a minute what I mean from the gallery below:

I replicate the first pattern I learned and made a hijab pin for myself.

Then, I made more for practise.

Then, I played around with different shapes

I like this stylized kitty cat, don't you?

Then I start selling the hijab pins, to recover my initial investments in materials. Alhamdulillah, they were well received.

I made these too, dubbed "Hearty" which is pronounced "Hati" which is a malay word for "heart" (shish!)

Then Mas went away for holiday in December and left me highly addicted to wire craft. She suggested that I purchase her tutorial on Etsy. Go here to check out her Etsy shop. So, I purchased a whimsical butterfly brooch pattern because I wanted to learn how to make the brooch from wire instead of fixing the finished product to a brooch back. This was my first Butterfly which I made to be lefty friendly: 

and I made some more. All these lovely butterflies have flown to their owners.

I expanded some more on the product range for my wire craft but that will be in another post.

In the meanwhile, if you fancy taking upwire jewelry, you can follow Mas on her Facebook page: to check out her class schedule. 

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