Thursday, June 14, 2012

The May that was; Hong Kong Trip

I would like to say I’ve been busy but the honesty of the matter is I’ve been hit by a lazy bug when it comes to my blog updates. I guess the true culprit would be PROCRASTINATION and as things started to pile up, the P word just got bigger and bigger. 

OK, lets start. Going back in time to May 2012. I’ve decided to take a breather from bazaars for the whole month of April with the intention on working on Mother’s Day and Teacher’s Day promotion. That kept me quite busy when orders for my handbag organizers came in. Thank you Dr. Zeti Hussein and Teacher Ila Abdul for your orders. I hope your friends and colleagues enjoyed them as much as I had fun making them. 

Next Stop: Hong Kong

This is an unscheduled trip. Azrai was going for a trade exhibition and I asked if the kids and I could tag along. Long story short, we packed our bags and flew to Hong Kong on Arwen’s birthday. So it’s like a big 2 year old birthday present for Arwen; Celebrating it in Hong Kong Disneyland. Here’s some  pictures on our first day in Hong Kong at Avenue of Stars:

Day 2 in Hong Kong lead us to Hong Kong Memory Chest. I’ve been researching for a cutter just before we left for Hong Kong and had my mind set on Sizzix Big Shot. A quick check on the store locator in Sizzix website gave me an email address for HK Memory Chest and I send a quick email asking if they have one in stock. The reply came promptly from Angela and what luck, they are running a promotion for their birthday celebration. We went there and the very friendly and ever so helpful Erika showed us the Big Shot and a quick demo. I’m just sold not only because the price was right, but also the excellent customer service given by Erika. I just love spending time there. I wish I could have a studio like that. Check out the pictures, you’ll know what I mean :)

I have a quick video of Danial with the Big Shot :)

And since I’m already at it, here’s some more pictures of us in Hong Kong Disneyland:

The kids (and both Azrai and I) had a great time there despite of the heat. We stayed until the end where they had the firework display. The kids kept talking about it for weeks after we got home. I’m just happy that they have this beautiful memory of their childhood when they grow up :)


  1. Hi,

    Berapa akak beli bigshot kat hong kong? Nak beli juga, tp kat malaysia mahal sangat.. Nak beli online, shipping cost mahal..

    1. Kalau tak salah dlm RM300. Masa tu the shop was celebrating their anniversary, so ada discounts n offers. Harga kat Malaysia dah factor in tax and shipping charges, mmg mahal sikit. Kalau nak order online pun by the time add shipping n tax, dah lebih kurang dah harga dia psl it's heavy