Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Birthday Giveaway!

 I just got back from Penang for a birthday getaway with my husband and kids. It was great. I wanted to share and show you the photos I took at the beach but I’m running out of time with my giveaway post that I’ve promised to post on my birthday. So here goes.

A couple of weeks ago, I got the chance to review a fantastic digital scrapbooking software; My Memories Suite. I’ve always love how people do the conventional scrapbook and was awestruck when I went to Craft Haven where they sell all the scrapbooking stuff (I just went there to get Mod Podge). I wouldn’t know where to start and it sure is going to do a lot of damage to my purse. I’ve always tinkered with the idea of digital scrapbooking since most of my photos are in my hard-disk. This opportunity was too good to miss.

It’s so easy, I mean seriously EASY to use and make digital scrapbook in no time at all. I made this short video photo slide within minutes.

There’s so many things you can do with this software; not just do scrapbook pages. You can add video clips, and music to it and make it more fun.

Here’s a video to tell you more about My Memories Suite.

OK, enough of me raving about this software. Here’s the juicy part. In conjunction with my birthday, I’m giving away ONE copy of My Memories Suite software for FREE!!! 

The rules are:
1. Go to www.MyMemories.com and choose a favorite paper pack or layout
2. Leave a comment under this post (and this post ONLY) telling me which ones you chose. (your comments can be in English or Malay, since that’s the two languages that I understand)

I think that’s simple enough, isn’t it? I’ll make a simple draw on the 1st of December 2011 to select the LUCKY WINNER so you have from now until 30th November 2011 (midnight) to visit www.MyMemories.com and leave a comment here.

My Memories Suite ver 2.0 is retailed at $39.97 and this giveaway is open to ALL; Malaysians and International followers (I hope I do have some international followers).


  1. Greetings from Penang! I'll just try my luck here.

    There's SO many beautiful layouts and paper packs I just don't know which one to choose. But if I only have one choice, then it's going to be Sunshine on a Cloudy Day.

    I just LOVE pastel colors and being no stranger to digital scrapbooks (I use Photoshop) it's a fun hobby and the end result is very rewarding. The only down side is I usually end up spending many hours in front of the computer sourcing for materials AND creating my own designs

  2. First of all wishing you even more joy and blessings as you step into another year, Rozi.

    My brother in law just got married last week and I already had in mind to present the newlyweds with a digital scrapbook album. So, this giveaway seems to come right in time. I think it is worth to wait for 2 weeks, just in case I might get lucky to win this software.

    I love the simple and elegant look of the Be Our Guest kit in the wedding category. The colors belong to my favorites and the template designs are so lovely. It would be the perfect kit to make a present for the newlyweds.

    Best Wishes.

  3. Happy Birthday Rozi... I am glad to share the same birth month with you... Wishing you joy, happiness, and blessings for you and the whole family.

    I love looking at beautiful scrapbook, but I do not have any skill whatsoever. My biggest achievement would be 'framing' pictures! So saya naaaaakk jugak try my luck in this giveaway, coz it seem easier and there are so many beautiful layouts!

    But of all the designs, I choose RELATIVE TEMPLATES 1 because it is so simple, so cute, and many picture boxes as I like to put everyone in one place :D