Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More pictures on Crafty Market at Jaya One

I guess everybody was excited to sell their fare at the Crafty Market last Saturday (29 October 2011) especially us the newbies. Azzah of Sew Fabby proved to be an exceptionally wonderful landlady and provided a lot of baskets, display err umm stuff to hang small items, tablecloth, banner, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I took a few pictures during the initial setting up hour. So, enjoy them :)

Sew Fabby’s boss 
Itsy Doodles’ boss

Intan Safiah. I’m not sure she has a blog but I know she has a page in Facebook

Sew Fabby’s banner

I also took some pictures of other booths that day to get ideas and inspiration for the next craft market.

Next door neighbour; selling soap

Love the blackboard :)

This lady must be a seasoned seller at craft markets

Fabric Fanatic used a small trunk to display her fabrics. Neat!

Mai of Okinokiyo and I :)

Another seasoned seller

Okinokiyo and Snazzyn Such shared a booth

Another soap seller

Recycled old banners

The big boss of Nottypooch 
Landlady and tenants. 

Morning crowd

At the end of the day, everybody managed to sell something :) It was a good learning experience. 


  1. Terima kasih Mila@Rimbun. Siapa sangka ye, hobi jadi penjana pendapatan :)

  2. waauu!bestnye kalau dpt pergi ni..dpt window shopping !

  3. bestnye..mahal ke rent booth kat sini kak?

  4. SewLove, rental is RM100 tapi open for Etsy Malaysia members je

  5. That's awesome! My mil has a craft fair coming up that she wants me to participate in from afar (she lives about 8-12 hours away). I think I will since I don't have to be there. I'd be so nervous!! Good for you!

  6. Thank you weekend knitter :) Good luck on your craft fair :)