Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CD Toter 2011

I got started with online business after I posted my first CD toter here (then, it was a mouthful ‘Casserole Dish Carrier). Orders initially came from family members who have seen my aunty toting this during family potlucks. It’s been my signature product and making one again after a hiatus feels good.

For the benefit of those who’ve just seen this for the first time, I’ve taken pictures on how to use the CD Toter:

Top view of the CD toter

Slide in your casserole dish inside the toter through the opening. Bear in mind the toter can fit a square casserole dish as well. This dish is oblong.

Secure the dish by pulling at the string until the dish is snug inside the toter and tie it up.

And you’re all set to go!

This toter is reserved. I’ll be making a few more for some orders by friends and repeat customers. It makes an excellent gift and very practical. Do drop me an email if you want me to make one for you.


  1. this is adorable dear.. love it~

  2. wow thanx for sharing ya..Will be making a few for me self..

  3. Nykolett... by all means :) I’l love to see other versions of CD toter. BTW, I think I passed infront of your premise, on a detour to avoid the pasar malam infront of Jusco Wangsa Maju a few weeks ago :)

  4. Oh,we close at 1pm on saturdays .My work station is under renovation and will be moving to a new premise in April.Will keep u inform ya.