Sunday, May 15, 2016

Washable Paper Fabric Review

Last week, I was googling Kraft Tex and was looking around for a local supplier. Further googling and searching led me to MayMayShop and I found that she sell a Kraft Tex substitute under the label Washable Paper Fabric. That was good enough for me plus the price was pretty reasonable.

Long story short, I just got the chance to experiment with it today. i wanted to make faux leather labels with it. I've been reading up on Kraft Tex and found that  it prints out quite well. So I called up my logo. Fitted it onto a 1" square box with rounded corners. By the way, I did all the editting on Silhouette Studio because I wanted to cut it out later.

It fed through my printer quite well. It's like thick card stock so no problem running it through the printer. I'm quite low on my ink supply so I set the print for best print out. Came out very sharp. Then I heat-set the ink by pressing it with hot iron for a few seconds.

Then I set it onto my Silhouette Portrait and cut out the squares. For my test, I only use a 4 by 6 piece and got 12 labels out of it.

I wanted to test the labels for colour steadfastness so I run it under the water. Rub the print with my finger and happy to report that the colour held up very well.

This reminds me of Levi's jeans labels. I am so loving this material and now I need to make things to put these labels on.

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