Friday, February 14, 2014

Telekung Kanak-Kanak Fatimah al-Zahra

It started beginning of this year where I made a telekung for Arwen to bring to her kindergarden as they teach children to pray there. This is a simple pattern that I learned with Cikgu Azian of Yan’s creation at Shah Alam Community College sometime last year. I like the simplicity of the design. I add a line of decorative stitch along the attaching line of the lining to the main telekung in matching thread colour to the lace.

After I posted the picture on my Facebook, another friend asked me to make a telekung and I made it to her specification. There was just enough left from the fabric to make a simple drawstring pouch for the telekung and I embroidered the name on the bag as well. Oh by the way, the telekung for little girls that I make comes with a free name embroidery on the telekung. I made this for Arwen, knowing that she may not know which ones is hers if her telekung ever get mixed up with ones of her friends. So at least, if her name is there, the teacher could help her find it.

Then more and more enquiries start pouring in for little girl’s telekung. So, I spent some time in front of the computer to lay out the specifications and makes it easier for interested parents, uncles, aunties, grandparents out there to order one for their daughter, niece, grand-daughter. I made reference to other sites that sells little girl’s telekung and tweaked the measurements here and there until I’m happy with it.

The price is:

For size S and M: RM60.00 per set
For size L: RM65.00 per set

The set includes:

1 piece of telekung
1 piece of kain sarung
1 drawstring pouch
Free name embroidery on the telekung and pouch.

I dubbed the little girl’s telekung as TELEKUNG KANAK-KANAK FATIMAH AL-ZAHRA; after Rasulullah’s youngest princess, Saidatina Fatimah Al-Zahra. May our children who wears this telekung and perform the ibadah of solat, follow her examples and become successful Muslimah here and the hereafter, Amin.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.


  1. sangat sesuai nama itu. Mohon share ukuran telekung itu ya. Maklum la saya tiada anak perempuan untuk diguna pakai sebagai ukuran. semoga terus sukses

    1. Kuazue, terima kasih. ukuran pun saya ambil dari website lain dan saya pinda ikut kesesuaian

  2. Salam.mcm mana kalau sy nak order ye??

    1. Waalaikumussalam Mamamia. Boleh email saya Nyatakan saiz, warna lace dan nama untuk disulam

  3. Salam...sis...telekung ni masih ade lg ke???

    1. وعليكم السلام
      Telekung ni made to order.
      Kalau berminat, boleh email: Nyatakan saiz, pilihan warna lace: pink/purple dan nama utk disulam