Monday, August 6, 2012


I sent Danial to his Da Vinci Art class yesterday morning and was reminded by him of my promise to make him an apron. It's already his 8th class. After sending him to his class, I wondered at IOI Mall and made my way to Daiso. I was so tempted to get him the ready-made kid's apron as it's only RM5.00 and with my lost mojo, I don't know when I'll get around to make him one. At the rate I'm going, there's a big possiblity that we'll be buying our baju raya this year. I picked it up, and put it back. I just couldn't bring myself to buy what I can easily make. What more, now is the time my kids want to wear stuff that I make for them. There will come a day when they no longer want to.

So yesterday afternoon, I made these two aprons. I made Danial's first and I know Arwen would be asking for hers and to save her breath nagging me to make her one, I made another. I used some leftover IKEA laminated fabric and finish the edges with bias tape that I made earlier (Thank goodness for that, otherwise, I'd ditch this project too). The kids love it. Arwen wore it the entire evening even when we went out to McDonald's. That is just priceless don't you think, when your little ones simply adore the things you make for them.

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