Friday, April 13, 2012

Handmade 1" double fold bias tape

After a casual chat on whatsapp with some friends, I realized that there's no ready made large size bias tape in the market. At least, not in Malaysia; or I've not come across any of them in the market. So, I made a quick check on the internet, I found a seller on etsy selling hand-made bias tape using cute cotton prints and I figured, why not?

So, breaking away from my bag making routine I made these prototypes. Cute, don't you think? I made a calculation blunder and these came out 64" long of continuous cut bias tape. I'll be making some adjustments and try to make 3 yards of continuous cut.


  1. so cute. I can't find double fold bias in Penang anywhere! Such a nightmare! I brought a nifty gadget from amazon when i was home last so hope to be making my own soon too. Your fabrics are a lot prettier than anything I've seen in Penang though. Where do you buy it from? Thanks

    1. Thank you Kirsty. I used to get my fabric online but since Spotlight opens in Malaysia, I’ve been getting my fabric there :)