Wednesday, March 14, 2012

An overdue post on Bazaar, Bazaar and Bazaar and a Gathering of Beautiful Women

I had the most hectic 3 weeks from my last blog post (17 February) to last weekend. The first, was my solo appearance at Little Red Market on 25th February 2012; my second bazaar for the year. The following week, I had another bazaar at JayaOne on 3rd March 2012 (bazaar #3) and Subang Parade on 4th March 2012 (bazaar #4). The following week after that, I had a gathering of my crafters' group on Facebook. So, here’s the breakdown of the series of events:

Bazaar #2: Little Red Market (25th February 2012)

It took place at one of the organizer’s residence in Jalan Beka, Bukit Damansara. Beautiful home turned into a quaint crafts market. I really have to go solo for this as the event clashed with Danial’s sports day. Azrai took care of the kids after helping me load my wares into the car. I’m on my own. Anxious and sweaty. I was really pleasantly surprised by the professional and warm conduct of the organizers, Melissa and Sally. They made me feel welcomed from the moment go and throughout the market hours.  Time flew as I was having a good time at the market :) Lots of beautiful items on sale on that day too and lots of visitors stopping at my booth and exchanged pleasantries. Here’s a write up at Little Red Market’s blog.

I didn’t have my camera with me that day as I gave it to Azrai to take pictures of Danial on his sports day. But here’s a great pool of pictures during the market day in Flickr:

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Bazaar #3: Crafty Market at JayaOne (3rd March 2012)

After Little Red Market, I had only a week to replenish my items for Crafty Market. I didn’t make many as I was banking on selling my FQs and half yard bundles and some craft notions. This time around we, the craft vendors were dispersed among the other vendors throughout the markets. It has its pros and cons. More traffic no doubt but the question is whether is the right people stopping by our craft booth. I missed the old airy setup that we have on the lower ground near the water feature and the camaraderie of fellow crafters. It did feel a bit isolated.  Here’s a slideshow of the day. I took a few pictures of our booth (Sew Fabby and Made by Rozi Rahman) and got a photographer friend to go crazy with my camera.

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Bazaar #4: I Love Bazaar at Subang Parade (4th March 2012)

The sale at Crafty Market went surprisingly well that I had to go back and make more items for the bazaar the next day. In less than 5 hours, I made 4 Multi purpose pouches, 3 diaper keepers and 4 girl colour baby bibs. Our booth was at the end of the world near Celebrity Fitness. It’s not just the location, but the crowd was generally slow that day. Business that day was like watching wet paint on the wall  dry. I guess you can’t expect to have a great bazaar every time. There’s bound to be some lousy ones along the journey. It just adds flavor to life. Here’s some photos:

The Gathering of Beautiful Women

I just managed to catch up my breath before preparing some lucky draw gift for a get together among my craft friends in a group on Facebook. I made 3 sets coasters (a set of 4) out of MDF boards found in Daiso and some scrap fabric and Mod Podge.

We had a great time. Took home a lot of lucky draw gifts not to mention yummy and cute doorgifts too. Friendship fostered on Facebook came to life and it’s like meeting with old buddies :) One of the best moments was when the main organizer won a grand item as a token of appreciation for her effort to put things together so that the gathering could take place. Here’s another slide show of the event that took place:

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