Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Resized Cosmo Bag and A Key Keeper Coin Purse

This is hot from the oven. Or should I say, hot from the sewing machine. I can’t believe I’m working on a snail pace. This bag took me 3 days to complete! Fact #1: Smaller bags are tedious to make. No wonder Amy Butler made this bag as big as she can. This resized version is about 30% reduction from the original size. My original bag is hanging on clothes line so can’t put them side by side. Visually, it looks a lot smaller, although mathematically it’s correct (measurement wise). It looks cute though but for the time being, I’m much more comfortable with the original version. This bag is for a friend. I’m working on the second one, before I can start on my hari raya clothes sewing. In the background you can see the magazine box organizers where I keep all my patterns. This table is next to the window. I wanted to take a quick photo so instead of moving them away, I used them as part of the props.

This is a Key Keeper Coin Purse, one of the designs in the Amy Butler’s book. It looks cute but going back to Fact #1, the tedious level just made this something I will not pursue in the near future.

I edited the picture with some artistic effect called ‘fresco’ in my Photoshop Elements 9.0 to make it interesting. It was rather flat.

 This is another view of the purse. Oh, I almost forgot. It’s already the 4th day of fasting month (Ramadhan) and I would like to wish all my Muslim friends a blessed Ramadhan. Selamat menjalankan ibadah puasa. Semoga semua amalan kita diterima dan diberkatiNya selalu.


  1. heidee, PM me for quotation ye.

    Ayu, kain from Kamdar, stock cotton baru agak cun design dia